Geohashing GPX tools

This site offers some tools for geohashing, in particular in relation to generating GPX files.

Single hashpoint GPX file

If you just want a single location for a given graticule for today (plus the globalhash, just in case it is in your vicinity), use a URL of the form If your graticule is east of 30W and the next day's DJIA opening is available (after 13:30 UTC), you'll also get tomorrow's hashpoint in the resulting GPX file.

Example returns a GPX file with today's (and possibly tomorrow's) hashpoint for the Mannheim, Germany (49,8) graticule.

Single hashpoint GPX file for a given date

Similarly, if you want a single location for a given date other than today, use a URL of the form

Example returns a GPX file with the Mannheim, Germany graticule coordinates for leap day 2012.

Multiple hashpoints GPX file

If you want the hashpoint for more than one graticule (similar to what the Small Hash Inquiry Tool provides), you can use a URL of the form, where count is the number of steps you want to go into each direction. Similarly as before, if you are east of 30W and a new DIJA opening is available, you'll also get tomorrows hashpoints.

Example will return the hashpoint for 49,8 and the eight surrounding ones.

Multiple hashpoints GPX file for a given date

Similarly as above, you can also add a /YYYY-MM-DD style date to the URL to get only the hashpoints for a certain date.

Stops in the area

While it has nothing to do with GPX, it might still be useful for those people (in Germany or parts of Europe) who want to achieve the public transportation achievement. With a URL of form, you'll get redirected to a list of (bus, tram, train) stops in the vicinity (5kms) on Deutsche Bahn's website.

Example will show you a list of stops close to the 49,8 hashpoint on leap day 2012.

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